We offer a wide variety of pellets and briquettes which include oak pellets, pine pellets, sunflower husk pellets and oak briquettes.

The qualities of our products are highly appreciated by our partners from Ukraine and European Union countries. They are characterized by high calorific value and are a pro-ecological solution, because they are made of raw material which is a by-product of woodworking.

Our products are characterized by the highest quality, confirmed by laboratory tests and quality certificates.

Pellets as bedding for farm animals

KNG is engaged in the production and distribution of biomass in the form of pellets intended as bedding for farm animals. Pellets are convenient to use and also biodegradable as a 100% natural product. It absorbs water and unpleasant odors. It has a positive effect on the condition and health of animals. It is perfect for breeding turkeys, broilers and horses.

Pellets and briquettes as ecological fuel

Pellets and wood briquettes are a great alternative to traditional materials used as fuel. They are more environmentally friendly (low carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere) and economical (high calorific value and long burning time). They can be used for heating single-family houses, industrial plants and combined heat and power plants.

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