Forest Honey

Forest honey is a sweet and sticky liquid excreted by certain insects.

Forest honey is a type of honey produced by bees using honeydew, which, like nectar, is a sugary liquid that derives from sap. Forest honey droplets stick to leaves, branches, barks and so on; the bees find it, collect it and, through their work, produce honey.

Forest honey is known to be one of the most unique kinds of honey in the world. It has been acclaimed as special honey even among the specialities. This honey contains a higher antioxidant, antibacterial activity level, mineral content and greater nutritional and therapeutic benefits than most regular flower honey.

Our honey comes from the beautiful forests of Spain.

It is characterized by a deep dark color, floral aroma with an intense clear malty component.

The usual packing format available is 290kg metal drum but we will gladly customize it to your needs.

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