Multiflower Honey

Multiflower honey contains nectar from many different species of plants that bloom during the same period.

Its taste may vary from year to year; as well as the aroma – it all depends on the predominance of the number of flowering plants in a given period. This type of honey represents the characteristics of many honeys.

One of the most interesting features of multi-flower honey is its uniqueness. It is a source of many essential nutrients, such as B vitamins and vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other important valuable ingredients, e.g. pollen, enzymes and amino acids, etc.

Unprocessed honey is good for lowered blood sugar, low energy, and fatigue.
The antioxidants and antibacterial properties of multiflorous honey improve the immune system and overall health.

Our multiflower honey comes from the picturesque steppes of Ukraine.

It can have a different color and taste, depending on the plants that bloom at a given time and the time of harvest.

A typical package is a barrel weighing 290 kg, but we are happy to adapt to customer needs.

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Forest honey

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Sunflower honey

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Heather honey

Check also the heather honey available in our offer, which is characterized by the highest amount of phenolic acids.

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